This hair extensions aftercare advice completes our full terms and conditions which can be found here.

A consultation form is required to be completed and signed by all clients. It is important that you (if a consumer) or your clients (if purchasing for trade) follow our aftercare advice using our products to reach the recommended lifespan of the hair. Not following aftercare instructions may result in hair extensions becoming dry, damaged or discoloured at a faster rate, and the estimated lifespan will be dramatically reduced. If you are purchasing our hair extensions as part of a trade account, all of your clients must be provided with one of our aftercare sheets and asked to read the below information.


Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo to get rid of any product build-up and do not condition your natural hair as this can cause the extensions to slip once fitted. Make sure your hair is straight ready for fitting. Hair extensions may not be suitable for anyone with particular allergies to hair dye as this is used to colour extensions may transfer onto your scalp. Allergies to metals and adhesives should also be considered when selecting the extension method and attachment. 


Hair extensions must be maintained and refitted every 6-8 weeks by your qualified hair extension technician. This is absolutely vital to ensure no damage is done to your own hair or the extensions. You may lose 10-15 strands within this time, or extensions may become loose, but these can be reused. Re-tipping may be required. Removal should be performed by a fully qualified technician.


Natural hair benefits from oils and keratin produced from your scalp which hair extensions cannot benefit from. After washing with shampoo, you must always ensure you restore moisture using deep conditioning treatments and serums. Only use professional product ranges from our website as some products containing sulphates, parabens or silicone can shorten the lifespan and quality of hair. We do not recommend most hair oils as these can cause the hair to discolour, bunch together and slip. Instead, use our recommended protein spray and hair extension boost mask.

Allow 48 hours after any extension fitting before washing. Try not to wash hair extensions more than twice a week as this can cause extra stress to extensions. When washing hair, do not rub the extensions but gently massage the recommended shampoo into the hair and rinse. Only apply conditioner from the middle to the ends of the hair and lightly press the moisture out of the extensions with a towel after washing. Be extra careful brushing when hair is wet. 

Heat appliances such as straighteners, hairdryers and curling tongs can be used along with a clear heat protector spray but overuse of any heat may cause drying and breakage over time. Styling temperatures above 170 degrees should not be used as these can burn and discolour blonde extensions. Avoid the top of the extensions when applying any heat, as this can damage and melt the bonds and attachment. 

Never let the hair air dry as this can cause matting and make the extensions difficult to brush. Extensions should be blow-dried and gently styled using a heat protection spray. Going to bed with wet hair will cause extreme matting. You must always dry your hair extensions and style the hair in a loose plait at night to avoid matting. Using a silk pillowcase also helps reduce tangling.


Always ensure you use a hair extension brush or tangle teaser to prevent hair extensions slipping. Be gentle and hold the tops of the extensions whilst starting to brush any tangles from the bottom. Only use a wide-tooth comb when hair is wet to avoid snapping. Ensure you are separating the strands regularly at the root with your fingers to avoid any matting. Natural hair sheds every day so it is vital the bonds are separated so that matting does not occur between the extension and natural hair.


We do not recommend you colour, tone (including purple or silver shampoo) or tint the extensions as drying may occur and the lifespan of the hair will be shortened. Any colour-altering procedures are completed at your own risk and we will not offer any guarantees on the lifespan in these instances. Your own hair can be coloured whilst the extensions are in as long as the chemicals do not touch any part of the extensions or attachments. We advise to only have your T-section coloured if necessary. 

Our hair extensions are bleached and coloured to the desired shade, therefore it should be expected that discolouration and fading will occur over time. There is no guarantee offered for the longevity of the colour of our hair extensions, and any fading would not be considered a fault with the hair. If you would like to have your hair extensions toned darker to reduce fading, this should only ever be completed by a professional that is highly experienced in colouring hair extensions. 


We do not recommend you go swimming whilst wearing extensions, although if you do, make sure you plait the extensions and keep them dry. Salt water and sand can cause the cuticles to rub together, which may cause tangling. Wash instantly and use our deep conditioning boost mask treatment if the hair does come into contact with with chlorine, sand or saltwater, as these can dry out the extensions or cause them to become discoloured (pink, orange or green tones). This is not a fault with the hair, but the chemicals and minerals in the water. Malibu C products can help remove any discolouration but they are not always effective. UV rays can dry, fade or discolour extensions and break down bonds, so wrap the hair in a towel if you do use the sunbed.